Dancing With The Stars: Terrell Owens flirts and gets boot

Being a celebrity means having a ton of people paying attention to every move that you make. So, it goes without saying that many stars will do anything and everything they can to keep things as positive as possible. Unfortunately, life throws us some unexpected curveballs that we will have to deal with. Regular people can do this in private, while stars are forced to have all of their dirty laundry available for public consumption. One of the last things that any person wants to deal with is the repo man. This is the person that comes and takes your stuff when you owe a ton of money. People normally get to deal with this in a private manner, but stars that have had their cars taken away had their stories blasted all over the news. Bryant McKinnie is a former NFL player that was able to find success in the pros and make a good amount of money while doing so. Unfortunately, he was also publicized for having one of his vehicles hauled off.

772 Evelyn Lozada Premium High Res Photos

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Quarterback Nick Mullens stunned almost all of us, and it turned into a highly entertaining evening. Before Mullens emerged, Terrell Owens was expected to be one of the highlights on Thursday.

Dancing With The Stars: Terrell Owens gets boot after seeking date with Porsha Williams’ Activism and Arrests Will Get the ‘RHOA’ Spotlight.

All professional athletes are light years beyond their mortal competition. After finding a niche in one sport, they’re often capable of finding a spot on any playing surface. That being said, there have been many epic fails in the history of sport-switching, and we’re here to dwell on them. These spotlighted competitors made names for themselves in one sport before deciding to dabble in another.

Unfortunately, these results weren’t visually or statistically pleasing. Prepare for an onslaught of athletic failure. These are the 20 biggest sport-switching fails in history. Lead image courtesy of lordofrings. The six-time Pro Bowl receiver actually appeared in a match with the reserve team and was given an honorary spot. But that was where his soccer journey ended, although his ball skills deserve some attention if only for comedic value. When he tested positive for a banned substance in and received a four-year ban from the track, Olympic gold medalist Justin Gatlin decided to test his speed on the gridiron.

And he had fantasy football enthusiasts shaking with excitement. Since , rumors of Gatlin working or trying out with various NFL clubs surfaced. Then, in , he dominated the Titans’ pro day 4.

VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ brings drama

Stephen A. He also addressed the situation with a tweet. Not me. He ripped the year-old for showing up to the workout with a T-shirt that alluded to slavery and said he needs to seize the opportunity at some point if he actually wants to play again. We believe we have uncovered the real reason why the NFL tried to organize a workout for Kaepernick , and it seems like both sides have their agendas.

The issue is, and always will be, about more than just football.

And the drama was mostly surrounding Royce Reed, the former Orlando Magic and controversial behavior at a pool party hosted by Ludacris and Terrell Owens. basketball player- Jennifer Williams, wife of Eric Williams.

With the fourth season of Basketball Wives beginning in just over a month the drama continues to ramp up between two ladies who were once thick as thieves. While rumors of a feud between Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada have been running rampant, both women have been publicly silent on any discourse. Jennifer is now breaking her silence as S2SMagazine. No, not that radio interview. Jenn is quick to acknowledge the rift between the former besties, who have been attached at the hip since the show began airing three seasons ago.

Kesha made headlines when she was the victim of runaway groom Richard Jefferson , while Kenya is in infamous for stabbing Charlie Bell , her NBA star ex clearly!

Terrell Owens Dating ‘Basketball Wives’ Star?

Being the wife or girlfriend of a professional basketball player has its advantages, from sitting courtside at the Finals to sitting port side on your husband’s yacht. But outside the glare of the public spotlight, their lives may not be as glamorous as one might think. Just like many women across America, they cope with the stresses of marriage and divorce and being a single parent, the joys and trials of raising children, the highs and lows of their friendship with each other. But with the pressures of fame, the temptation and fears of infidelity, and the struggles of raising children while their men are away trying to conquer the hard court, these women have to stick together as best friends and find the inner strength together to triumph against the odds.

In Basketball Wives , we’ll finally get a glimpse into the secret and unique lives of the women behind these men, and we’ll realize that it’s not just the players they’re married to.

18 B-Lister: Jennifer Williams – Bentley Continental GT Terrell Owens is perhaps one of the greatest NFL players of all time. The former 49ers.

I’m sure in NBA locker rooms across the country there was a significant amount of chatter about Sunday’s premiere of “Basketball Wives,” a new VH1 reality show that takes us inside some of the NBA’s most dysfunctional marriages and relationships. If the first episode is any indication, NBA men are no match for their scorned women, who are draped in Gucci and Prada, driving Bentleys and Range Rovers, and using the platform of reality TV to eviscerate their exes, showcase themselves and, I guess, promote the theme of “sisterhood” by gossiping about each other, cursing each other out and throwing drinks on one another when all else fails.

VH1 The cast of “Basketball Wives” brings sports relationship drama right into our living rooms. Like all reality shows, there were times when “Basketball Wives” appeared staged, but you can’t help but be entertained by the delicious drama these women create. In the first episode, Reed shows she’s drawn to stripper poles and delighted by the opportunity to suggestively dance and slap another woman’s rear at a Super Bowl party hosted by Ludacris and Terrell Owens.

Let’s just say that after watching that, Howard should probably send his lawyers an additional bonus for getting a court injunction that prevents Reed from talking about him on the show. Another juicy tidbit was when O’Neal revealed her thorny history with Govan, whose sister is rumored to have slept with her soon-to-be ex-husband. To be fair, there also were a few sympathetic moments, because while it’s easy to take shots at these women and accuse them of being gold diggers, it’s obvious that the trade-off for being with a high-profile professional athlete can be having to live in relationships that are emotionally hollow and unfulfilling.

The real winner here is O’Neal, who is the executive producer and narrator of the show.

Jennifer Williams, Terrell Owens Dating After ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Denounces Athletes?

Obviously these photos are staged since neither of these people are popping right now. They’re both broke, so the only reason they would be shopping together is if there is a reality show on the horizon for both of them. It’s interesting to note that Jennifer and her friend are holding hands which opens up a world of possibilities for a story line between the 3 of them. More from Sandrarose.

Eva Marcille, Jennifer Williams & Terrell Owens (Hmmmm.), Tisha Campbell & More Celebrate “Girlfriend Confidential” Eva Marcille and her.

Jennifer had a female mystery friend with her as well as she attempted to shy away from the paparazzi. Williams recently hinted on her Twitter that there’s a special someone in her life writing that she was having “a good dream about a certain somebody,” before adding: “My meeting went great Gymnast makes tumbling look incredibly easy. Preschoolers have unexpected and hilarious answers to simple trivia questions. Hong Kong diners taste test the latest pork alternative.

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Hot Ham and Cheese Party Rolls.

Is Eric Williams A Deadbeat Dad?

Terrell Eldorado Owens born on December 7, is an American football wide receiver who is currently a free agent. A six-time Pro Bowl selection, Owens has been one of the dominant receivers of his era. As productive as he has been, Owens has been equally controversial, creating firestorms with almost every team he has played for as a professional.

Owens was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in after a spat with 49ers front office members. Two years later, he was released and signed to another large pact by the Dallas Cowboys , only to be given his unconditional release on March 4, Popularly known by his initials, T.

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Looky looky. Former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams was spotted lunching and shopping It’s not totally clear if this was a date of some sort In a flirty blue and white lace summer dress and sandals, Jennifer Williams hit the streets of L. And it looks like she had a new friend along for the afternoon too–Terrell Owens. He was spotted leaving a store with Jenn, but as the cameras started to follow, you can see T. Jen tweeted last night saying she would definitely be having a “good dream about a certain someone.

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Jennifer Williams Hints She May Join ‘Basketball Wives LA’, Calls Ex Boyfriend Cisco A Groupie

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Stephen A. Smith has been highly critical of Colin Kaepernick for the way the quarterback handled last Saturday’s workout, and Terrell Owens.

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Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams and Her New Man